martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

National symbols

This is the FLAG of Spain. It consists of three horizontal stripes: red, golden yellow and red. The golden yellow stripe is wider than the red stripes. It contains the shield on the left side.

This SHIELD contains many elements with different meanings; e.g.
      -the castle: represents the former kingdom of Castile
      -the lion: represents the former kingdom of León
      -the yellow and red bars: represent the former kingdom of Aragón
      -the chain: represents the former kingdom of Navarre
      -the pomegranate: represents Granada
      -the three flours-de-lys at the centre: represent the House of Borbon-Anjou
      -the crown at the top: represents that Spain is a monarchy
      -the pillars of Hercules: represent Gibraltar, end of the known world.
      -the motto "PLUS ULTRA" (=more beyond): referring to the discovery of America

If you click here, you can listen to the national anthem.

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