martes, 16 de enero de 2018

Rules of behaviour: pedestrians and users of public transport

Rules as pedestrians
-Don't walk on the road. Walk on the pavement.
-Use pedestrian/zebra crossings.
-Don't cross the road when the traffic light is red. Cross the road when the light is green.
-Look both ways (left and right) when you cross.
-Use the litter bins.
-Respect the police instructions.

Rules as users of public transport.
-Don't throw objects through the window.
-Don't disturb the driver.
-Let your seat to old people and to pregnant women.
-Don't shout. Speak quietly.
-Don't kick the seat of the person in front of you.
-Don't smoke.
-Don't drink or eat on the public transport.
-Wear the seat belt.
-Don't run.
-Don't put your hands out of the window.
-Don't stand up or kneel on the seat.

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